Codinomy is focusing on business process automation, including Business Process Management and Robotic Process Automation, to help companies to reduce costs, increase quality and focus on business results.

We deliver business and technology transformation from start to finish, leveraging agile methodologies, proven customer collaboration frameworks, engineering excellence tools and best practices.

We are experts in process design, analysis, process mapping, process automation and continuous improvements. Let us help you along your Business Process Management journey – we’ll save you time and add value based on our years of experience helping companies around the globe.


Our services.


Driving process excellence is key to sustainable business success. Agility will enable your organization to be more productive and innovative — and ultimately, achieve long-term growth and competitive advantage.

Don’t rush to automate without first designing solid process foundations. Process design helps you focus on the outcomes you want, and how your people, process, and technology can support it. Automation built on intelligent process design increases efficiency and avoids the trap of premature automation. Codinomy can help you design, standardize and document your business processes.


Accelerate the design, build and operate automated business and IT processes. Automation enables your entire organisation to reduce your operating expenses, automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks and maximize operational efficiency.

We provide our customers with superior quality business process automation solutions. The solutions we build are designed to match the precise requirements of our customers’ organisations and help them to achieve their unique business objectives.


Continuous Process Improvement based on proven results. Continuous improvement involves constantly adjusting processes to reduce waste, improve quality, and maximize human potential. It focuses on making each existing process perfect. We have a deep understanding of how to streamline processes to facilitate operational business process improvements and organizational process improvements with a proven track record of leading and implementing successful transformations.



Our process.

Automating a process requires more or less seven steps, three of which are business related and four of which are more technical, requiring a varied set of skills.
1. Process identification

The application of methodology by which the right processes are chosen and prioritized according to their potential and complexity.

2. Process assessment

The analysis in detail of processes to see if the potential and complexity assessed at first still hold and to assess the extent to which the process can actually be automated.

3. Process redesign

Invariably, upon automation, organizations discover that their processes are not as standardized, optimized, documented of followed as they thought. Hence, this is an opportunity to optimize the process.

4. Scope definition

The description of the process to it’s most detailed steps and understanding potential exceptions (technical and business) in order to develop robust workflows that will be passed on to software engineers.

5. Solution development

In this step, based on the work done in step #4, actual workflows are programmed and the process is automated.

6. User acceptance testing

The automated process is tested to observe it’s behavior and to correct potential bugs and catch potential exceptions that might have been missed during previous steps.

7. Hyper-care

It is recommended that, for a period of 2 weeks, the process be carefully monitored by the team who developed the automation to correct any remaining issues until a high level of reliability is reached.




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